Saturday, March 27, 2010

STRENGTH..., Whose forte is it?

She was talking to this colleague of hers at work, nice composed guy. They exchanged their morning greetings, and during the course started their discussion about how a man manages himself after death of his spouse and how a woman manages her life after death of her husband. From there it took off to man and woman’s strengths and capabilities. He emphasized that even though fairer sex is considered weak but still a women can handle situations better. Surprisingly enough for her to hear this from a guy who looks like the epitome of strength and power. He announced, GOD made woman stronger than man, well with that being said it made her reflect ..why do people still can’t accept the fact that women ARE survivors,and ARE strong. Then he mentioned that men are not WIRED that way to take emotional pressures. (And still strength is synonymous with physical aspect...what an irony). Even though herself being a feminist by heart she was at her best of feigning modesty by still listening to her friend smilingly when he made a remark that probably earlier society and generation knew that already that women would do better than their male counterparts no matter what situation they were thrown into so that’s why they always tried to dominate them by making them feel lower and making them forget their innate powers. She decided not to think anything else but to draw some strength out of this. And that is true strength.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What's in the name?

What's in the name?
A very famous quote, but I did't know that I will start my blog with this. Even though some would say name is an artificial meaningless convention. Some may say, but i do not believe in that and feel so strongly about what a name should be. To me it is my identity. Today I was given not a new name but a whole new meaning of my name. No I did not change my religion or status or anything that lead to this change. A dear friend gave me something which I can for sure consider the best gift ever. You must be thinking, why I am so sore about this whole name thing, its just that growing up, i never liked my name. For many reasons, I can't list all but the ones that tops the charts are..any guesses ??
It is such a common name and my siblings have a unique ones. Secondly it is already so short that you could hardly create a nick name of short name out of it and obviously my siblings have nice nicknames too. "Why?" was the question that I would always ask my parents. They could not understand what my issue was. They liked it. But anyways the most hurting part was that it meant "limit" or some would say "restriction"..yes , you heard it right. I could never understand why my parents who loved me to death could do this to their sweet little girl. May be they did not know the meaning or may be they did not do enough research. So many ifs thens elses would come to my mind but nothing could be done, destiny was written. Fate was sealed.
Anyways, I was living with my not so great name and today all of a sudden someone gave me a whole new meaning to my name. And source of their information..obviously one of our modern day guru - INTERNET. Why I myself did not googled it and saved myself some pain. But now i just feel elated because my name has an alternate meaning which i really like - "Treasure" tada.... Don't ask me what my name is. Because as I said earlier, (ya ya..i mean as Shakespeare said) what's in the name?.