Sunday, April 18, 2010


Amen, HE whose repertoire was extensive, granted their wish. They were not ambivalent of the decision and were super excited and happy. As naive as they were, thought: “We deserve it. He could not have said No, He loves us”. Their wish came true. So, what did they wish for? Pretty interestingly, in desire to eschew separation ever, they thought that we should be together in every possible relation existing to feel the emotions of different relationships that could help them grow together. They oblivious of what lies ahead, were in state of felicity. Indeed they were soul mates. This anecdot left HIM with some unsettling feelings, HE was thinking, “They don’t know what they are asking for”. HE, who granted the wish, of course he knew what is lying ahead but he didn’t want to hurt them he loved them like as if they were his own. In the blink of an eye, one of them just disappeared. She was taken aback she could not find him anywhere. She searched him everywhere - riverside, mountains, deserts, she combed through every possible place known to her but could not find him. With every passing moment her restlessness grew. She started feeling the pangs of fear and sadness and sorrow. She started praying and asked Him to help her, she was inconsolable, all efforts were of no use and HE could not bear that so HE explained. “I gave you what you both wanted; you both will be in a relation of Father and Daughter. And for him to be your father he has to be born ahead of you. Then you will be united with him to share those precious moments. You will feel love, the true pure love with no expectations when he will hold you for the first time after you were born. That one moment is called LIFE and you will experience it together”. She kept on crying for she could not bear the distance of years between both of them.”But you both asked for this, Didn’t you? Even I tried to make you understand but you both wanted it so desperately that you forgot that for every decision there will be consequences. So, just wait and you will be united with him. That’s my promise. And you know it”. She cried out loud and kept on sobbing for they did not understand what they were asking for. She wanted to be always with him but they were so naive to understand and wished for something that brought them pain of separation. HE is a well wisher of all of his own but we fail to understand HIM and pay the price. Blinded by our own desires, clouded by our own perceptions and judgments we don’t know what we wish for what we want and just don’t let HIM do HIS work. Don’t ask just tell HIM, just tell HIM your needs He will definitely think about it.

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